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Author Image Nicky Hosek
Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

Do you ever get the feeling that someone out there is watching you? Well, there’s a reason for that – they are! And nowhere more so than during your ramblings in cyberspace. A reliable VPN is there to provide an element of security, behind which your virtual activities are hidden from hackers and governments alike. In addition to VPN’s basic service, they also offer add-ons, which scramble information to prevent the sniffer dogs of the internet from tracing your actions. HMA effectively covers your tracks with a James Bond-style approach, but if you want to simply vanish into thin air, then Airvpn is the answer. With Netflix constantly fighting against VPN accessibility, there are few VPNs that can claim 100% reliability in this regard, with most having had blockages to deal with
over the past 18 months. Nevertheless, Airvpn and HMA VPN have managed to resolve their issues, while VPN is still battling on.






 The Bottom Line

Author Image Nicky Hosek
Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher
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Competitive prices, speed, reliability and an access-all-areas approach are vital to the success of any VPN client. VPN does not restrict any activities on its servers and manages to clear the Great Firewall of China, even with its mobile version, Safejumper. However, it is slow when beating down firewalls, whereas with Airvpn they are simply vaporised. With HMA VPN snapping at its heels, Airvpn still manages to win this three-way contest and its variety of pricing plans make it versatile for the least consistent of users.

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