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Geoff Whiting
VPN and Cybersecurity Researcher

This is a tale of two very different approaches to VPNs. Both services offer military-grade encryption, but that’s about where the similarities end. Registered in Panama, Cryptohippie takes a security-first approach, routing your traffic through a variety of data centers to make it very difficult to track across its 22 servers. However, customers say they struggle with accessing Netflix and other streaming services, and it’s one of the most expensive services around. Cryptohippie is a good option if your main concern is to protect your data, and if you don’t mind slower speeds and mixed torrent support. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, is a great all-rounder. With more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries to choose from, you’ll get access to your favorite streaming services such as Netflix while enjoying lightning-fast connection speeds. ExpressVPN is a torrent-friendly VPN that allows P2P on all its servers. Registered in the British Virgin Islands, outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance, ExpressVPN has a strict no-logs policy. While it’s not the cheapest VPN around, it provides excellent value for money. Keep reading to determine which option is best for you.






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Geoff Whiting
VPN and Cybersecurity Researcher

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs out there and consistently ranks highest in terms of server speeds, so it’ll be a winner for almost everyone. Cryptohippie really shines when it comes to security, so if you need some of the tightest security around, it’s worth considering. It combines VPN, virtualization, multi-level access controls, and data encryption techniques. Its multiple-hop protection will keep you secure. The downsides are that its servers average just 6 Mbps, you’re limited to 25 GB of traffic each month, and it does not unblock Netflix but it might potentially block torrenting. You can pay for the service using cryptocurrency, plus the company running the servers is based in Panama which is not subject to strict data retention laws (the US branch is separate and only for sales and marketing). If you want streaming or torrenting support, ExpressVPN might be the better choice for you. It isn’t necessarily as secure as Cryptohippie, but it offers you 3,000 high-speed servers. You’ll be able to stream your favorite shows on Netflix, BBC, Hulu, and more, pay with cryptocurrency, and enjoy a user-friendly interface and best-in-class customer service no matter what platform you’re using. More Info