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ExpressVPN vs CryptoHippie VPN 2023

Table of Contents

    Which VPN is better?

    Author Image Daniel Krohn
    Daniel Krohn

    Cybersecurity Researcher

    This is a tale of two very different approaches to VPNs. Both services offer military-grade encryption, but that’s about where the similarities end. Registered in Panama, Cryptohippie takes a security-first approach, routing your traffic through a variety of data centers to make it very difficult to track across its 22 servers. However, customers say they struggle with accessing Netflix and other streaming services, and it’s one of the most expensive services around. Cryptohippie is a good option if your main concern is to protect your data, and if you don’t mind slower speeds and mixed torrent support. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, is a great all-rounder. With more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries to choose from, you’ll get access to your favorite streaming services such as Netflix while enjoying lightning-fast connection speeds. ExpressVPN is a torrent-friendly VPN that allows P2P on all its servers. Registered in the British Virgin Islands, outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance, ExpressVPN has a strict no-logs policy. While it’s not the cheapest VPN around, it provides excellent value for money. Keep reading to determine which option is best for you.


    Features 9.9/10
    Pricing 9.2/10
    Ease of Use 10.0/10
    Reliability & Support 10.0/10
    Features 8.1/10
    Pricing 6.0/10
    Ease of Use 8.9/10
    Reliability & Support 8.5/10


    Review by our expert
    Author Image Matthew Amos
    Matthew Amos

    Senior Editor


    ExpressVPN is one of the safest, fastest VPNs around, but the one drawback has always been the price. It often offers discounts that make it more affordable, but there are other decent VPNs offering similar security features for much cheaper. So, do you really need to pay so much for a VPN as good as ExpressVPN? To find the answer, I performed extensive tests on desktop and mobile devices run...

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    Latest positive user review
    Fantastic VPN

    I have just started using ExpressVPN and I must say that I was very impressed by how user-friendly it ... was and how easy it was to set up on the different devices I have at home. I also tested their customer service with chat and they were quick to respond and I got good help. I can recommend this productMore

    Latest negative user review
    Ok, but expensive

    Seems ok, but I wouldn't say it's worth $20AUD a month. That's steep if you live in a backwater like A... ustralia, where the currency is not valuable. Easy enough to set up - you don't need to be Einstein - but unless you're a tech nerd who can take a look under the bonnet, you'll just have to trust what they say about their product. It frequently drops out without the slightest warning, often when it's the only thing online at the time - despite fast and flawless fiber internet, rendering expression entirely useless UNLESS you have it sitting on your desktop where you can keep an eagle eye on it to actually see it when it drops out so you can kick it back into service again (it doesn't do it by itself), which seems to defeat its purpose, so I'm taking away 2 stars for that. Support is good and they do get back to you as fast as they can.More

    Review by our expert
    Author Image Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes

    Anonymous Cybersecurity Experts


    People today are on the Internet all of the time, and many of them simply do not realize that everything they are doing on the web is being tracked and recorded. Companies who are trying to sell to you are tracking you, and in some cases, the government is tracking what you are doing, where you are going, and the sites you visit. Premium VPN's like CyberGhost are fighting to make that next to impo...

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    Latest positive user review
    Fastest, most secure VPN

    I have used them since the early 2000's. Cryptohippie is the real deal, like a well-kept secret. They ... are rarely listed on VPN rankings. Very fast, very private, for those willing to pay a few more $$.More

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    Starting price $6.67/month
    Money Back Guarantee (Days) 30 Days
    Number of devices per license 5 devices
    Starting price $16.58/month
    Money Back Guarantee (Days) 30 Days
    Number of devices per license Unlimited devices

    Best VPN by category

    Cryptohippie is a security-first VPN that uses multiple network hops to make your traffic almost completely untraceable. However, it does keep partial logs. It only has native Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux applications, and it limits you to 25 GB per month. The multiple hop system makes this VPN more expensive than others on the market, but you can try it for yourself with the 30-day money-back guarantee (limited to 2 GB). ExpressVPN operates as a traditional VPN and offers 3,000+ servers. It has apps for all major platforms, no bandwidth limits, and keeps a strict no-logs policy. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Cryptohippie does support P2P activities on its servers, and the company says users average about 6 Mbps for P2P downloads. It offers 22 highly secure servers for you to use. It’s important to note that Cryptohippie may temporarily block some servers if it receives a DMCA notice. ExpressVPN allows torrenting on all of its servers plus it supports Tor. Its high-speed servers make them a good choice for your downloads.

    Cryptohippie is relatively easy to use for Windows clients. It delivers military-grade encryption and can help you set up an entire network for safe streaming. You also get secure instant messaging, 1GB email accounts, and secure network disk space. ExpressVPN works with all Windows desktop PCs and laptops and is compatible with Windows 10,8,7,XP, and Vista. Its dedicated app is easy-to-use and includes kill switch technology, split tunneling, military-grade encryption, and more. It doesn’t offer server storage, but will provide you with an all-round high-quality Windows experience.

    There’s no Cryptohippie Android app, but you can access the service by adjusting settings directly on your device. You’re secure on wi-fi and public networks as well as on cell networks, though it’s just a 1+ hop instead of the company’s usual 2+. Only one mobile device is allowed per network, whether that’s at home or on a public system. ExpressVPN has a highly-rated Android app that provides you with blazing fast speeds and top-of-the-range security. With its intuitive interface, leading protocols, and 3,000+ servers, ExpressVPN is a great choice for Android users.

    Mac OS X users will like the security and anonymity provided by Cryptohippie, as well as its secure email and messaging services. Their 22 servers resist any type of physical location attempt and don’t leak any data. While Cryptohippie does log some data, it claims that this is related to the total bandwidth used and is meant to prevent people from abusing the service. The ExpressVPN app features one-click connection and is very easy to install and use. It offers lightning-fast speeds, a kill switch, rock-solid 256-bit encryption, 3,000+ servers that enable you to stream with ease, and no data caps, logs, or leaks.

    The iOS service for Cryptohippie requires you to set it up via the network settings on the device instead of offering a dedicated app, and gives you cellular, public wi-fi, and home network protection. It’s single hop instead of multiple, so you’re secure, but not as anonymous as on its desktop apps. On the upside, you get leading military-grade security. ExpressVPN has native iOS devices that are rated highly for their wi-fi security, network support, simple interfaces, and fast customer service response times. ExpressVPN allows you to connect up to five devices simultaneously under one account.

    Users say Cryptohippie doesn’t successfully unblock Netflix and some other US streaming services. While it’s incredibly secure, it lacks in the streaming department. ExpressVPN bypasses some of the toughest geo-restrictions we’ve come across, including those for Netflix, Hulu, and HBO in the US (and it works in China).

    The Bottom Line

    ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs out there and consistently ranks highest in terms of server speeds, so it’ll be a winner for almost everyone. Cryptohippie really shines when it comes to security, so if you need some of the tightest security around, it’s worth considering. It combines VPN, virtualization, multi-level access controls, and data encryption techniques. Its multiple-hop protection will keep you secure. The downsides are that its servers average just 6 Mbps, you’re limited to 25 GB of traffic each month, and it does not unblock Netflix but it might potentially block torrenting. You can pay for the service using cryptocurrency, plus the company running the servers is based in Panama which is not subject to strict data retention laws (the US branch is separate and only for sales and marketing). If you want streaming or torrenting support, ExpressVPN might be the better choice for you. It isn’t necessarily as secure as Cryptohippie, but it offers you 3,000 high-speed servers. You’ll be able to stream your favorite shows on Netflix, BBC, Hulu, and more, pay with cryptocurrency, and enjoy a user-friendly interface and best-in-class customer service no matter what platform you’re using.

    Time to decide which one is best for you


    Is ExpressVPN better than CryptoHippie VPN?

    Yes, ExpressVPN is better overall than CryptoHippie VPN. It has 3000 servers in 94 countries, fast speeds, and impressive security features.

    Best of all, you can take advantage of its latest discount and get it for only $6.67 a month.

    What should I keep in mind when choosing between ExpressVPN and CryptoHippie VPN?

    When choosing a VPN, you want to pay close attention to its number of servers, overall speed score, pricing, and the number of simultaneous device connections it offers. While some VPNs provide a flawless online experience, others will really slow you down.

    If you’re ready to commit, then ExpressVPN may be perfect for you due to its performance during the tests .

    Is ExpressVPN faster than CryptoHippie VPN?

    Yes, ExpressVPN is faster than CryptoHippie VPN. Since your VPN is your computer’s main connection to the internet, you need to use a service that won’t slow you down by more than 20%.

    If speeds are important to you, then I recommend you take a look at ExpressVPN. It’s the fastest service out there, provides unlimited bandwidth, and you won’t experience any slowdowns even when you connect to the other side of the planet. You can try it out risk-free. It’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a full refund if you don’t like it.

    Do ExpressVPN or CryptoHippie VPN offer any deals?

    Both ExpressVPN and CryptoHippie VPN offer deals on occasion. You can check out the current coupons and discounts here. However, ExpressVPN has the best deals. Right now, you can get a 49% discount and up to 3 months for free with a new subscription.