CyberGhost VPN vs Mullvad VPN vs Private Tunnel 2018

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Nicky Hosek
Content Writer
It’s as simple as wearing a coat when it rains and boots when it snows – a good VPN should keep you safe and dry during the worst cyberstorm, providing you with leak protection, anonymity and, ideally, a kill switch. Mullvad VPN sets out to do this and, despite being comparatively tiny, manages to get its umbrella up before the rain. Mullvad is simple to the point of being skeletal, however, and its one-size-fits-all pricing package reflects this mindset. Private Tunnel also have an uncomplicated approach to pricing, with their pay-as-you-go concept. Users buy the amount of data they expect to use and top up, as required. Cyberghost is competitively priced, but offers other-worldly standards of protection – more like an oil skin and galoshes where rivals are advocating one-use ponchos and gumboots!





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 The Bottom Line

Nicky Hosek
Content Writer

Private Tunnel prides itself on implementing perfect forward secrecy with their Open VPN, which gives better protection for those targeting torrent sites, but Cyberghost and Mullvad also both support this feature. Mullvad is no-frills, but we didn’t want frills on our umbrellas anyway, although they are worth a try if you’re willing to give the underdog a shot. When all is said and done, however, I’d rather not get cold feet when entering the dirtier waters of virtual reality, so Cyberghost gets my vote.

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