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Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

Wanting to access geo-restricted content or simply yearning to slip through the Great Firewall of China as if it didn’t exist? Cyberghost has taken internet security and anonymity to a fifth dimension, with some of the best technology in the field. In keeping with their ethereal name, CyberGhost is as transparent as they come and has taken privacy laws bull by its horns. Unblock US is a more down-to-earth form of cybersecrecy and keeps its marketing as simple as its package. While it might seem rather skeletal in comparison to the supernatural Cyberghost, its simplicity will appeal to technophobes seeking a user-friendly solution to virtual anonymity. While Ultrasurf is no longer available, it had its benefits,although its approach to privacy was ambiguous. Not only did Ultrasurf impose their own filters to combat users accessing illicit content, they also kept data logs for a minimum of 30 days. Even with assertions that this information would not be disclosed, it was hardly reassuring.






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Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

Nevertheless, Ultrasurf offered a trouble-free stealth mode for browsing and was easy to download and set up. Mind you, it hardly requires a technogeek to work out Cyberghost either and their premium service offers all the bells and whistles the most advanced user would be looking for. Unblock US is also a comprehensive tool, enabling users to switch between countries and access geo-restricted sites with ease and simplicity. However, their lack of sophistication leaves Cyberghost humming a happy tune as it sails into first place in this comparison.

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