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Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

When we take a first look at these two VPN services, we find that they seem to be quite similar. Both services score high on the number of features they offer and both are relatively easy to use. SurfEasy is stronger on the pricy side when compared to Zenmate, as it doesn’t record any of the websites you visit. SurfEasy has 5 years of experience and offers features like Torrent Protection, IP hiding and unblocking websites. Zenmate VPN is available for all browsers and systems, including Google Chrome, Opera and Android, to name a few. It is cheaper, but does offer a premium package that gets you server turbo speeds.






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 The Bottom Line

Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

After looking thoroughly into these two clients, we found that both services offer good features, are easy to use and have a pretty reliable support system. Zenmate offers better support when you buy their premium package, so don’t expect too much if you’ve chosen the basic package. The only category in which these two are found wanting is the price-quality ratio, as they aren’t the cheapest services. I would say that Zenmate VPN is the winner here, as it is slightly cheaper than SurfEasy, while offering the same quality product.

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