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Windscribe VPN vs TotalVPN 2022

After comparing these VPNs, we have a winner!

Which VPN is better?

Author Image Kristina Perunicic
Kristina Perunicic

Managing Editor

Windscribe and TotalVPN offer very different services, especially in terms of the value-added features they provide. Only Windscribe has a Split Personality feature to prevent fingerprinting of your browser, along with double-hop technology that allows you to connect to two servers simultaneously. In addition, while Windscribe maintains a network of 300+ servers in over 50 countries, TotalVPN has only about 40 servers in 18 countries. You’ll also find features like a kill switch, time zone spoofing, and DNS leak protection only in Windscribe’s service, as TotalVPN simply offers basic VPN protection. These two providers do have similarities, however. Both offer dedicated apps for all major operating systems, have 256-bit encryption, and support multiple VPN protocols including OpenVPN and L2TP. They also both offer 24/7 live chat support channels, but Windscribe’s channel only connects you to a bot. Read on to find out what exactly makes one of these VPN providers stand above the other.


Features 8.4/10
Pricing 8.6/10
Ease of Use 8.4/10
Reliability & Support 8.6/10
Features 8/10
Pricing 7.6/10
Ease of Use 8/10
Reliability & Support 8/10


Review by our expert
Author Image Ernest Sheptalo
Ernest Sheptalo

Staff Writer


Windscribe claims to offer top-notch encryption and access to tons of streaming platforms at a super low price, but are these claims accurate? With so many VPNs on the market offering similar perks but at a higher cost, these features seemed too good to be true. I had to find out for myself how good it really is. To see out how it performs, I thoroughly tested every aspect of the Windscribe ap...

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Latest positive user review
Henry Vyceratops

I can not see the better performance of most other VPNs recommended anywhere on the web. I tested toda... y also Cyberghost and Express VPN and both did not really impress me much at all. My test is very easy to do, but most services will never succeed. I live in a country where you can just not watch Murdoch Mysteries, so the only option is either to find a tv recording service that can record it for you, or a VPN unblocking Netflix Canada (yes, I know how you can also just use CBC GEM . Did not know it before, and CBC GEM does not remember where you stopped watching, I did though not register, maybe it would then. ) Results were : -Windscribe shows Netflix Canada super fast, but for weird reasons will not even show Murdoch Mysteries at all in search, same with Cyberghost and sometimes also Express VPN The trick to circumvent was using just watch, set it to Canada and access Netflix via it. Then Windscribe and CBerghost will show the show, but NOT offer any episodes at all. Express VPN sometimes will show the episode, and rarely even stream one. So Express VPN is a bit better in that regard. IF I use Express VPN and Windscribe to unlock CBC Gem I see Windscribe is often faster for me or no noticeable differences. So, maybe Nord VPN or Express VPN is a tad better, but Windscribe is still a pretty good service. Final verdict: 4-5 stars Unlocking BBC Iplayer also worked flawlessly with Windscribe for me. Speed was excellent. I will however of course retest all based on prices, when the end of the year my subscription has to be renewed. Windscribe also changed a lot recently, like they now offer ram-based servers and much more.More

Latest negative user review
Cheap, but doesn't work

I was using Windscribe for a year. Pros: it has a free plan and flexible pricing. You can even sele... ct countries you want to pay for. Cons: support is bad. The authorization system is bad. I’ve canceled my subscription today and switched to Mullvad VPNMore

Review by our expert
Author Image Kate Richards
Kate Richards

Managing Editor


TotalVPN is going out of business, and the company no longer accepts new customers or extends subscriptions. The company, however, will remain active for all existing customers until the renewal date. We spoke with TotalVPN's customer service to confirm this: For current customers, we included our original review below. Looking for a straight-forward VPN service with good network s...

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Latest positive user review
Free plan is a waste of time but regular one is one of the best

I tried the free plan and I must say, you watch a YouTube video or two and you max out your limited ba... ndwidth... very annoying and not worth the time to sign up. At the same time, of course I upgraded and since, I enjoy high quality fast streaming. It doesn't worth going the extra annoying free step, I suggest paying a few bucks and saving your time. There just isn't a good free VPN, they are after our money. But again, I must admit, I really think it is a good deal that pays off.More

Latest negative user review
Not the best in town

It is impossible to remove TotalVPN. The Windows service (named OVPNService) and related driver rema... in there after uninstall. Setup files remain there after uninstall. The Windows network connection and its tray icon remain there. Their chat agents are totally clueless about this. They suggest to remove manually the app in the Program folder, but the app does not install there. ... and did I mention that all the free servers (just 2) did not work?More


Starting price $5.75/month
Money Back Guarantee (Days) 3 Days
Number of devices per license Unlimited devices
Starting price $4.99/month
Money Back Guarantee (Days) 30 Days
Number of devices per license 3 devices

Best VPNs by category

Windscribe provides a very effective service, suitable for bypassing tough geoblocks and torrenting anonymously. It also includes many innovative features ideal for keeping your online activity private. TotalVPN, on the other hand, is an easy-to-use service with all the basic features you’d expect from a VPN.

Windscribe allows torrenting on servers in multiple locations and includes many features to keep your file-sharing activities anonymous. TotalVPN also supports P2P activities and has a dedicated server for torrenting anonymously.

Windscribe’s Windows client features a powerful firewall, ad blocking, and a double-hop feature that allows you route your traffic through two servers simultaneously. Meanwhile, TotalVPN also has a dedicated Windows app with tracking protection.

Windscribe offers a very reliable service for Android. The dedicated app features unique capabilities including time zone spoofing, which matches your device’s time stamp with your server location. TotalVPN’s dedicated app for Android features a user-friendly design and offers you wi-fi protection along with access to its entire network of servers. Unfortunately, the app is no longer available on Play Store for new subscribers.

With a dedicated app and features like ad blocking, time zone spoofing, 256-bit encryption, and access to 300+ servers in 50+ countries, Windscribe offers a reliably powerful VPN service for MacOS users. TotalVPN also offers a MacOS app that’s easy to setup and supports multiple encryption protocols, including OpenVPN and L2TP.

Windscribe’s dedicated iOS app is our recommended choice, as it allows unlimited simultaneous connections and includes features like tracking protection. TotalVPN also has an iOS app that offers wi-fi protection and a beautiful user interface. However, the app is no longer available for download, as TotalVPN no longer accepts new subscribers.

Windscribe is more reliable for bypassing US geoblocks from any part of the world, offering you dedicated Windflix servers optimized to unblock Netflix US at high speed. TotalVPN no longer unblocks Netflix, but still offers US servers to access other American websites with restrictions that are easier to bypass.

The Bottom Line

Author Image Kristina Perunicic
Kristina Perunicic

Managing Editor

TotalVPN offers decent privacy protection, but Windscribe is a much better VPN provider in every area we considered. First of all, it offers budget-friendly prices, including a free version for light users. Windscribe also has faster servers than TotalVPN and gives you more for your money, with unique security features like time zone spoofing, Split Personality, and double-hop.TotalVPN does offer really good 24/7 customer support for existing subscribers. However, the provider’s decision to stop accepting new subscriptions and cease business operations when current plans expire means that there will be no further improvements to the service.

Time to decide which one is best for you


Is Windscribe VPN better than TotalVPN?

Yes, Windscribe VPN is better overall than TotalVPN. It has 170 servers in 69 countries, fast speeds, and impressive security features.

Best of all, you can take advantage of its latest discount and get it for only $5.75 a month.

What should I keep in mind when choosing between Windscribe VPN and TotalVPN?

When choosing a VPN, you want to pay close attention to its number of servers, overall speed score, pricing, and the number of simultaneous device connections it offers. While some VPNs provide a flawless online experience, others will really slow you down.

If you’re ready to commit, then Windscribe VPN may be perfect for you due to its performance during the tests .

Is Windscribe VPN faster than TotalVPN?

Yes, Windscribe VPN is faster than TotalVPN. Since your VPN is your computer’s main connection to the internet, you need to use a service that won’t slow you down by more than 20%.

If speeds are important to you, then I recommend you take a look at ExpressVPN. It’s the fastest service out there, provides unlimited bandwidth, and you won’t experience any slowdowns even when you connect to the other side of the planet. You can try it out risk-free. It’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a full refund if you don’t like it.

Do Windscribe VPN or TotalVPN offer any deals?

Both Windscribe VPN and TotalVPN offer deals on occasion. You can check out the current coupons and discounts here. However, ExpressVPN has the best deals. Right now, you can get a 49% discount and up to 3 months for free with a new subscription.