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Which VPN is better?

Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

For the technophobe out there, the idea of installing and configuring a VPN correctly can seem like a rather daunting task but, fortunately, a lot of VPNs have made it a very simple process. A young child could install Mullvad, as it simply requires clicking a button. Mullvad also sports a straightforward interface, although what it lacks in flare, it also lacks in usability. IPVanish is a powerful product but, as such, does require a bit of know-how to get it installed and, while offering a smooth user experience, doesn’t lead you through each process step-by-step. Buffered is simple to install, but less proficient users may face some difficulty using its more advanced features. When it comes down to it, power, speed and reliability are what it’s all about and IPVanish has them all in spades. While IPVanish may experience a few issues in the speed department when bypassing content restrictions, they still stand out as one of the most reliable services in China.






 The Bottom Line

Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

Mullvad is a tricky entity to assess, as its performance has been inconsistent over the years, with periods of high performance, followed by times of poor connectivity and slow speeds. It has also shrugged its shoulders at the whole Netflix nightmare and pretty much abandoned the site. But the popularity of Netflix means VPN users will turn to alternative services – which is where Buffered VPN is the leader of the pack. IPVanish gave up the fight with Netflix, but its unlimited bandwidth, server switching and anonymous torrenting are sufficient for them to secure victory in this evaluation.

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