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Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

TunnelBear and Buffered are two small but respected VPN service providers. These two services offer dedicated apps for all major platforms, and both use strong 256-bit encryption across all those apps. A subscription plan allows for a maximum of five simultaneous connections with either of these two VPNs. Unlimited bandwidth, 256-bit encryption, and WiFi protection can also be found with both providers.

The first notable difference between these two VPNs is that TunnelBear offers more advanced security features like ad blocking and an in-app kill switch, both of which are absent with Buffered. On the other hand, Buffered VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, whereas TunnelBear does not offer refunds (but does offer a limited free version). They also differ in their network sizes, as TunnelBear offers servers in just 20 countries, compared to Buffered’s servers in 45 countries. Buffered also has 24/7 live chat support, whereas TunnelBear only provides support via a web contact form.

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Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

While Buffered competes fiercely with a better service for unblocking Netflix, TunnelBear takes the prize by offering a more reliable VPN overall. TunnelBear’s fair pricing means more value for your money, especially when it comes to the speed of the network and the features available in every app. TunnelBear’s free service also provides users with an excellent opportunity to test out the service before making any commitment.

TunnelBear offers a very good service without a doubt. However, if you need the complete, lightning-fast access that only a larger network of optimized servers can provide, it might make sense to consider stepping up to a top-performing VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

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