Cloak VPN vs
NordVPN vs
OverPlay VPN

After comparing these VPNs, we have a winner!


Which VPN is better?

Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

It’s not all cloak and dagger in cyberspace, but for those with secrets to hide, there is no better place than in the encrypted tunnel of NordVPN. One of typical problems with encryption is the effect the layers of safety and anonymity have on the speed at which the data is communicated. The US Navy, for example, uses a system that is so encrypted that it takes minutes to convey a simple message – but the content of that message is worthy of high protection. Few of us require such deep cover and Overplay VPN take a different approach, offering less encryption where it is not vital, to increase speeds. With Cloak VPN only providing security to Apple users, its competitiveness is somewhat diminished. Overplay is not over-the-top in its promises and delivers a reliable and secure service, but, realistically, it’s hard to compete with NordVPN who are acknowledged as one of the leading VPN services in the world.






 The Bottom Line

Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

Certain countries are known for their restrictive attitude to the freedom of information, and Cloak VPN has battled in both China and Iran. In fact, as Chinese authorities have upped the game with their nationwide internet clean-up, NordVPN is one of the few truly reliable tunnels through this infamous firewall. With lightning speeds and an automatic kill-switch, NordVPN have advanced their technology to a stage where they are almost untouchable. Sadly, Cloak VPN and Overplay VPN have a fair bit of work to do before they’re in the same league as NordVPN. More Info