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Which VPN is better?

Daniel Krohn
Cybersecurity Researcher

Tiger VPN and Cloak VPN bring 2 very different offerings to the marketplace. Whilst Tiger VPN focuses heavily on providing an outstanding product with lightning fast connectivity, excellent customer service and multi-platform product, Cloak VPN concentrates more on providing a cost effective solution for those who believe cost is king. Tiger VPN’s Slovakian headquarters make them an ideal protector of privacy, operating outside of the 5 eyes nations while not currently being listed as an enemy of the internet. Conversely, Cloak VPN’s basis in the US raises questions over the security of their customers’ data whilst also being unable to offer Netflix access at present. Neither company has an integrated kill switch; however, both have money back guarantees for those looking to try before they buy.






 The Bottom Line

Daniel Krohn
Cybersecurity Researcher

Although Cloak VPN have done everything they can to drive down the cost of their product, it’s really a case of getting what you pay for, as Tiger VPN are by far and away the winner of this comparison. Tiger VPN stands far above the competition in customer service. As well as offering prioritized service to subscribers, and rapid turnaround times on e-mailed enquiries, they regularly ask for customer feedback in order to improve their product. What’s more is that they actively engage with their customers through social media, offering excellent discounts on subscription costs for simply posting about their services on Twitter and Facebook.

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