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Which VPN is better?

Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

Ever wished you could vanish off the face of the earth? Well, IPVanish might not be able to assist you in that department, but it will ensure your invisibility in the virtual world. IPVanish has achieved a prestigious reputation and will make your tracks vanish from sight, protecting you from hackers, government officials and the like. IPVanish is effective in evading government filters and accessing sites such as Netflix and iBBC player. Gamers seeking autonomy in cyberspace might be tempted by Freedom-IP VPN who have developed a special mode specifically for gaming. In addition to protecting your privacy, Freedom-IP have focussed on reducing lag, meaning less disruption during play. IbVPN also offer great speeds and at very reasonable prices. Their routers are pre-installed alongside their security protocol, thereby simplifying the process of securing all devices in one shot. In comparison, IPVanish has battled a little with speeds but makes up for it with their anonymous torrenting, unlimited P2P traffic and server switching options.






 The Bottom Line

Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

IbVPN has one clever feature that sounds very attractive but comes at considerable cost. IbVPN’s double VPN mode means you can chain your server together with other users, enabling data to pass through multiple servers on its way to your device. The trouble is, the more servers, the greater the latency. Affordable and clever, IbVPN is a great package – just not as good as IPVanish. Freedom-IP are very conscious of their users and promise complete privacy but still can’t live up to the standard set by IPVanish.

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