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Which VPN is better?

Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

It’s sometimes tempting to think we could just vanish off the face of the earth, leaving all our mistakes and embarrassments behind. This is what IPVanish can do for you in virtual reality – you can bumble about, tripping over controversial news items, stumbling onto pornographic sites and bumping into Netflix, all without ever being seen. Ironsocket might offer iron-clad armour for your protection in the worldwide web, but their light version – Blowfish – is a fishier character, offering higher speeds at the risk of reducing encryption and potentially exposing your characteristic gills. Let’s hope the shark in the waters, IPredator, doesn’t sniff out the unsuspecting Blowfish! A strong VPN service, Ipredator lets itself down by having most of its servers in a few select countries – a scenario that lends itself to exposure. It is highly recommended you move away from Ipredator and restart in safe mode with IPVanish, who avoids such issues by sprinkling its servers far and wide.






 The Bottom Line

Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

IPVanish is recognised for its efficacy in bypassing blockages as robust as the Great Firewall of China and offers a 7-day money back guarantee – a lot more transparent than Ipredator’s, which seems to contain one too many ‘if’s and ‘but’s. Ironsocket has such a complex installation process, that most will never get to the billing part. Should you have any problems, don’t expect their customer service to provide service to the customer – they are notoriously disinterested. So, the best way to vanish into cyberspace is with IPVanish – the hero of this comparison.

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