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Author Image Sarit Newman
Sarit Newman
Internet Security Researcher

Let’s start with the similarities – both TorGuard and OverPlay are based in the US and offer big server networks spanning over 50 countries. Still, TorGuard’s network is more impressive with its 3,000+ servers, compared to OverPlay’s 650+.

Things go downhill for OverPlay from here. It seems the company famous for its Smart DNS service had little interest in making a solid VPN. Although speeds are decent and you can access tricky geoblocked streams (even Netflix), OverPlay doesn’t offer much beyond servers. The client is clunky on Windows and Mac, the manual OpenVPN setup is needlessly complicated, and there are no native mobile apps. Customer support isn’t the best, either; live chat isn’t even an option.

TorGuard succeeds where OverPlay fails. It doesn’t stop at excellent servers, making sure the user experience is positive for VPN beginners and veterans alike. You can easily switch between the various VPN protocols, all clients are polished, and you even get “Stealth VPN” settings – perfect for China or any other location with heavy internet censorship. You can also easily contact support via live chat.

Lastly, OverPlay’s 5-day money-back guarantee falls short of TorGuard’s one-week refund period.






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 The Bottom Line

Author Image Sarit Newman
Sarit Newman
Internet Security Researcher

As you can see, TorGuard wins convincingly in all categories for numerous reasons. TorGuard stands out in this comparison because it pays attention to the finer details – something that can’t be said about OverPlay. While it’s nice to have a Smart DNS and VPN bundled together, VPNs are our area of interest, and OverPlay’s simply isn’t on the level you’d expect for its price. TorGuard is undoubtedly the only reasonable choice if you want quality VPN protection on both desktop and mobile devices, along with optimized and intuitive clients.

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