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How to Watch Discovery Plus From Anywhere in 2021

When I saw the awesome new exclusives coming to Discovery Plus US like the latest Ghost Adventures and true crime documentaries, I couldn’t wait to watch them. But I was devastated to find that a lot of the US content is blocked in my country. Determined to find a solution, I tested lots of different methods and finally found one that works.

The only way I could find to watch Discovery Plus is with a VPN. A VPN hides your IP address and makes it look like you’re watching Discovery Plus from the US.

After testing 30+ VPNs, I found the ones that worked well streaming from US servers. My favorite is NordVPN because of its vast network of efficient servers. You can even try it out for 30 days with its money-back guarantee.

Start Watching Discovery Plus Today!

Quick Guide: How to Watch Discovery Plus From Anywhere in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Download a VPN. I recommend NordVPN as its global network of servers will let you watch any country’s content.
  2. Connect to a US server. Many Discovery Plus exclusives are only available in the US.
  3. Start watching Discovery Plus! Log in to Discovery Plus, search for the title you want, and start watching!

Watch Discovery Plus with NordVPN Today!

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Discovery Plus

If you’re hoping to watch the US-exclusive shows on Discovery Plus from outside the US, you’re going to need to bypass its blocks. Sites like Discovery Plus use geoblocks to stop you from streaming its titles outside certain regions.

With a VPN, you can hide your location by masking your IP address. This will allow you to appear to be watching in the US from anywhere.

By using a VPN you can access Discovery Plus US, with all of its exclusive programs and specials.

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Best VPNs for Watching Discovery Plus in April 2021

1. NordVPN – Vast Server Network to Easily Unblock Discovery Plus

  • Lightning-fast speeds to watch Discovery Plus without buffering
  • 5,460 servers worldwide to bypass geoblocks
  • SmartPlay will always connect you to the fastest servers
  • 6 simultaneous device connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, and more
  • Compatible with: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Apple TV, and more

NordVPN has a large number of servers worldwide so it’s easy to find one that works in the US. To test this, I connected to 15 of NordVPN’s many US locations to see how reliable they are. Without issue, each quickly established a connection and maintained its stability, letting me watch Discovery Plus for hours. You won’t have any problems connecting to US Discovery Plus with its vast network.

Lightning-fast speeds mean you won’t have to wait for frustrating buffering. Despite the servers I tested being far away from me, I got a great range of speeds that never dropped below 52 Mbps. That gave me a high-quality picture throughout my testing as you only need 5 Mbps to stream in HD. Using these servers, you’ll be able to stream US shows from anywhere in HD quality.

The one problem I had during my time with NordVPN was the lack of PayPal compatibility, at least in my country. I quickly managed to get around the issue as it accepts credit cards, Apple Pay, and even cryptocurrencies from anywhere.

You can get an even better price by using one of its discounts. When I signed up, I managed to get 68% off its usual price by grabbing its special offer!

As well as offering discounts, NordVPN also lets you try out the service for 30 days with its money-back guarantee. After using it for 26 days, I got in touch with a customer service representative. I just answered a few questions about my experience with the service, and they approved my refund. The money was back in my account in just 4 days.

Watch Discovery Plus With NordVPN Now!

2. ExpressVPN – Ultra-Fast Speeds to Watch Discovery Plus With No Buffering

  • Fantastic speeds to watch Discovery Plus in HD without interruptions
  • 3,000 servers worldwide to easily unblock streaming sites
  • MediaStreamer lets you watch on any WiFi-enabled device
  • 5 simultaneous device connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, and more
  • Compatible with: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Apple TV, and more

ExpressVPN’s latest deal April 2021: Get 3 months completely free on your annual subscription with this current offer! It’s not for certain when this deal will end so it’s best to check the deals page to see if it’s still available.

ExpressVPN’s servers provide superfast speeds for the best quality streaming available. I wanted to put these speeds to the test, so I connected my laptop to several throughout the US. My expectations were high, but I was still impressed by my findings, which consistently averaged around 50 Mbps. If you’re hoping to watch Discovery Plus US in full HD, this is a great choice.

The fantastic speeds are matched by reliable connections even while you’re using servers on the other side of the planet. All servers remained stable while I browsed and managed to bypass the geoblocking when I connected to Discovery Plus US. Wherever you’re watching from, you’ll quickly bypass any blocks between you and the streaming site.

With MediaPlayer, you can use VPN servers with most WiFi-compatible devices. This feature is easy to set up using the on-site guide — I managed to install it on my PlayStation in about five minutes. MediaPlayer makes streaming while connected to ExpressVPN’s servers possible on any of your favorite devices.

One minor downside I found was the comparatively higher price. I was disappointed initially, but right now, you can reduce the price by 49% when you take its discount.

Even though I had a great experience with ExpressVPN, you might not be certain about signing up for a long-term subscription. You can always test it out for 30 days without having to worry about a lengthy contract. When I contacted customer service, it took just a short conversation to get my request approved. My money was in my account in 5 days.

Watch Discovery Plus With ExpressVPN Now!

3. Surfshark – Unlimited Device Connections To Watch Discovery Plus From Anywhere

  • Impressive speeds to watch Discovery Plus without annoying lag
  • 3,200 servers for reliable connections
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Go, Showtime, and more
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Roku, and more

Surfshark allows you to connect as many devices as you want on the same account. I wanted to test this feature, so I grabbed my iPhone, laptop, and two tablets. After connecting each of them to my Surfshark account, it was easy to cycle through the 5 US servers I tried. Connecting to the US Discovery Plus (even on several gadgets simultaneously) was no trouble at all. You’ll be able to watch the latest shows on whatever devices you prefer.

I was impressed by Surfshark’s No Borders Mode. This feature is designed to overcome censorship and restrictions placed on media. I tested it by setting my router to block Discovery Plus. All of the servers I tried bypassed the blocks and gave me access. This means you’ll always find a way to watch your favorite shows.

The only downside was  I found that there were comparatively fewer servers in its global network. Having said that, this never became a real issue as the US servers are plentiful, and they all remained stable.

While I was pretty happy to see Surfshark’s prices, it gets even better since you get 81% off the price of a new subscription.

Not only can you cancel anytime, but thanks to its money-back guarantee you can use the service for 30 days and still get a refund. I called customer support on day 24 of my subscription. One quick conversation later, they approved my request. I had my money back in 6 days.

Watch Discovery Plus With Surfshark Now!

How to Sign up For Discovery Plus US

To sign up for Discovery Plus US with a credit card, you will need a card with a 5-digit US zip code. Otherwise, you can use the gift card method outlined below.

Screenshot of the error screen for Discovery Plus US, with text highlighting the need for a VPN

If you’re outside the US, you’ll need a VPN

Credit Card Method

  1. Download a VPN. I recommend NordVPN because of its vast and reliable server network.
  2. Connect your VPN to a US server. Many Discovery Plus titles are exclusive to the US site.
  3. Go to the Discovery Plus site. Click on ‘Start your Free Trial’, and choose between the basic ($4.99/per month) or ad-free ($6.99/per month) package.
  4. Create an account and add your payment info. Enter your name and other credit card information (including the ZIP code), and click ‘submit’. If your card doesn’t have a 5-digit US ZIP code, try the gift card option below.
  5. Start watching Discovery Plus. Search for the title you want and start watching!

Gift Card Method

  1. Download a VPN. I recommend NordVPN because it gives you access to Discovery Plus US with HD quality.
  2. Connect your VPN to a server in the US. You need to connect to the US as it’s the only place to access the US-exclusive Discovery Plus titles.
  3. Set up a US account on Google Play or App Store depending on whether you want to watch on Android or iOS devices.
  4. Purchase a US Google Play or iTunes gift card from MyGiftCardSupply. Select the amount and add it to your cart, then head to the checkout. You will need a MyGiftCardSupply account.
  5. Enter your billing details. Once your payment is approved, you’ll find a digital copy of the gift card code in your email. Make sure to check your junk folder if it doesn’t show up immediately.
  6. Top up your account and download the Discovery Plus US app. Choose either Google Play or iTunes, depending on which OS you’re using.
  7. Sign in to your Discovery Plus US account. Just use the details associated with your newly topped-up account. Remember, you’ll need to stay connected to a US VPN while you stream.
  8. Start watching Discovery Plus US! Check out all the exclusive titles available, and enjoy!

Try NordVPN For FREE Now!

FAQs on Watching Discovery Plus from Anywhere

🙂 Where can I watch Discovery Plus US?

Discovery Plus is only available in the US and the UK due to broadcasting restrictions. If you’re in a different country, you won’t be able to access it.

Fortunately, I found a workaround — you can use a VPN and watch amazing documentaries and series on Discovery Plus from anywhere. All you have to do is get a VPN, connect to a server in the US and start watching Discovery Plus!

😀 Can I access Discovery Plus for free?

Currently, there is a way to watch Discovery Plus for free. You can take advantage of the Discovery Plus free trial. Sign up with a US credit card, and you’ll get this as standard. If you had to use the gift card method, like I did, you’ll need to pay upfront to gain access. However, you’ll also be eligible for Discovery Plus’s free trial, so you can save your gift card for another binge-watch in the future!

You can also try out a VPN with a money-back guarantee before you commit to sticking with a lengthy subscription. This way, you can get your money back once you’ve watched all the exclusives on Discovery Plus – effectively getting it for free.

😄 Which devices can I watch Discovery Plus on?

All WiFi-compatible devices capable of streaming can be used with the VPNs in my list. I found that each of the top VPNs are quick to set up and tested great while connected to US servers, making it easy to access and watch Discovery Plus US.

Start Watching Discovery Plus Today!

Start Watching Discovery Plus Now!

If you want to watch all of the Discovery Plus exclusive shows from outside the US, you’re going to need a VPN. By hiding your IP address, a VPN will let you watch Discovery Plus US from any region.

I recommend NordVPN because of its network of reliable and lightning-fast servers. It will give you access to all of the shows and movies you’ve been missing. You can even try it out for 30 days with the money-back guarantee, and see what you think!

Try NordVPN for FREE Now!

To summarize, the best VPNs for watching Discovery Plus are…

Privacy Alert!

Your data is exposed to the websites you visit!

Your IP Address:

Your Location:

Your Internet Provider:

The information above can be used to track you, target you for ads, and monitor what you do online.

VPNs can help you hide this information from websites so that you are protected at all times. We recommend ExpressVPN — the #1 VPN out of over 350 providers we've tested. It has military-grade encryption and privacy features that will ensure your digital security, plus — it's currently offering 49% off.

Visit ExpressVPN

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